Broadway Brian

Special Requests

The Fleenee Brother's Flea Circus

A Magnificient Menagerie of Masterful Mighty Mites. Audience participation creates the magic behind this traditional act.
Strap Act

One of the simplest Aerial Acts to rig indoors, but one of the best to create the Illusion of Effortless Flight.
The Pirate Band

The Shanghai Pirates, Scurvy, Salty and Pasquale add an atmosphere of Music and Merry Mayhem for any occaision.
Star Safari

Perfect for any outdoor evening event. Galaxies, Planets and Nebulae are easily captured in even the most light polluted skies with this fully portable 12"e; Dobsonian Telescope.
Piper and Brand

This unique and delightful display of music and magic is perfect for Renaissance and Fantasy Themed Events
Piper and Brand

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